Friday, June 29, 2012

Sexiest Tattoos for Women

The style of your rose tattoo will depend on your reasons for getting it. The classic version, a delicately drawn flower in red with green leaves, can look wonderfully simple and innocent. A name emblazoned across a rose is a well-known symbol of love and devotion. But if you want something more unusual, you might consider:
  • Black-and-white fineline. There's no reason your rose needs any color at all. A skilled artist can create details and shading using nothing but fine black lines.
  • Tribal style. The curving lines of tribal-style tattoos can be fashioned in shapes and images, including the rose.
  • Stylized shapes. The stem or leaves of your rose can be part of the design, worked into a heart, a chain, or even a Celtic knot.
  • Multiple flowers. Roses can form a wreath around your arm, a bouquet, or a pattern across your lower back. 
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